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What`s the difference between and other escort websites ? The website is sexy and sensual, and is committed to ensuring all profiles present on the portal visitors. All pictures are chosen and send forth by the person that made the request for registration.   Are all the photos real ? Yes, the person that created his own profile garanties that all pictures are real. Are all the girls professional escorts ? No, the majority of the girls who advertize on have other activities (such as secretaries, students, etc...) Is this website an escort agency ? No, it`s not an intermediary and has nothing to do with the activities of the people who have the profile published on the site. The girls that anoncent in, are they forced to show their own faces? No, the girls choose their own photos, and the decision to show or not their face belongs to them. Price of your profile in and            Your annonce in both and, and you only pay one.                                                                              15 jours: 150 chf                                                                              1 mois:   250 chf                                                                              2 mois:   450 chf                                                                              3 mois:   650 chf For all questions, send email to, and we will respond as soon as possible.
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